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So glad you visited today - hopefully after you have reviewed the website you will be ready to make time for a massage. 

As you will learn on the "About the Practitioner" page, I have an enormous maternal instinct which makes massage a great appropriate outlet for me.  I am also very body curious, i.e., why is that guys left hip higher than the right?  Does that ladies back hurt?  I bet it does, she is standing with her heels in and toes out - ouch.  What do you mean the rotator cuff is actually four muscles and none of them are the deltoid?  What?  Our scapula/shoulder blade actually comes to the front of our body?   

In talking to a client the other day, it was mentioned that one of the things he found unique was that a 60 minute massage was 60 minutes on the table.  That a "typical" massage was a 60 minute appointment with time for dressing, etc., so the actual massage was about 50 minutes.  

In my mind it is important for me to let you know that for a myriad of reasons, a couple of them being - 1) when you book a 60 or 90 minute massage with me, allow an additional 10-15 minutes in your schedule for discussing what's going on in your body, dressing, etc.; and 2) when you are comparing rates (as we all do), consider the amount of "table time" being offered.  

Call me, e-mail me, we can talk and work out the right time in your schedule for a massage.



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