Amazing Massage Fingers

A unique boutique massage experience tailored to meet the issues in your tissues


Meet Lauren SPECIAL

Our newest, Massage Therapist, Lauren has joined our team and is ready to start working with clients.  To that end, for first time Lauren clients, we are offering a $60/hour special.  Lauren is with us on Thursday's and Saturday's, her day will fill up fast, so call/text in advance.  

30 minute SPECIAL - $45.00

After work!  Too much of anything is not good for us, particularly when it starts to affect our lower back and legs; or some would say legs and lower back - how about giving me 30 minutes of your time for some stretching and massage to get you ready for your commute, grocery shopping, homework with the kids, or whatever evenings look like for you.

Lunch, lunch, lunch!  I guess we all need to eat eventually, and according to a recent study, those that take regular breaks are more productive.  Can you imagine how productive you might be if you took a few minutes and came to me for a 30 minute lunch time massage?  Are your shoulders tense, or lower back vexing?  Come see me!  Let's spend 30 minutes working on bringing some rejuvenation back to your day.   


30 Days / 30 Minutes 

Sounds crazy, right?  It all started with a client, who as most do, lay on the massage table and muse about getting a massage every day.  

Then the conversation turned to, what could we do in that amount of time and how would it work....

We started about two weeks ago (mid-March 2015), and have found that the one very tight and unresponsive body is responding positively, and quickly!  

Stretching hamstrings, psoas, and the QL (quadratus lumborum), one day; with the following day, stretching one of the aforementioned, and adding shoulder and neck work.  What an amazing affect!!!!

Are you starting a new workout regimen?  Have a group of muscles that it seems no matter what you do, they are uncooperative?  Want to jump start your parasympathetic nervous system?  

Then it is time to talk to me about how you can do 30 days / 30 minutes.  Check out the clients' perspectives on Yelp reviews.